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Why Choose Blacknight?

Why choose Blacknight

People often ask us why they should choose us as a hosting company. Hosting is hosting,  right ? Wrong. Hosting and domain name services are critical to the availability of your website. If something  impacts either of these, your website will not be available for people to visit. With business relying more and more on […]

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Blacknight customer service centre

New Customer Service Centre Is Live!

As of this morning our new customer service centre is up and running. If you want to get to the FAQ / Knowledge-base directly then you need to go here. If you’re prefer to discuss issues or share ideas then the new “forum” / “discussion board” is here. As we’ve mentioned previously, you can now […]

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helpdesk migration d-day

Countdown To Helpdesk Switchover

Our teams are working hard today behind the scenes to make the final preparations for tomorrow’s “big switch”. They’ve imported or re-created (and updated) hundreds of FAQ articles and wiki entries. We’ve setup staff members with their logins .. and we’re enabling not only “single sign on” for Blacknight account holders, but we should be […]

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help screenshot

Our Helpdesk is Being Revamped!

What’s going on? Customer service and the customer experience are crucial for any online company and here at Blacknight things are no different. One of the areas that we know needed improvement was in relation to our customer service websites and portals. There were several of them and they probably caused a lot of confusion. […]

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connecting people with free wifi

Blacknight Sponsor 2nd Annual Conference – Leading Irish registrar supports social data community

We sponsor a select number of events, causes and groups every year (before someone decides to flood my inbox asking for sponsorship!). How do we select them? There aren’t any “set” criteria – the basic criterion is that they have to pass our “sniff” test. Either we think the event is “cool” or “interesting” or […]

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