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We’re Irish and Proud of it!

Blacknight is a 100% Irish owned and operated company. There are a whole load of reasons why we are proud of being Irish and why we’re happy to be Irish owned and based. Today we are formally unveiling the first of our online marketing initiatives that is focussed on a local market. In our case […]

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on the road with Blacknight

Event Overload!

We like to be “involved” with events both at home and abroad, but it looks like the next couple of months are going to be incredibly busy for us. We sponsor quite a few events in Ireland as well as overseas every year. This year is no different. We also get invited to speak at […]

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Changes are afoot - domain pricing tweaks

Domain Pricing Changes Are Afoot

We’ve always been pretty aggressive about our domain pricing strategy. Over the last couple of years we’ve barely touched our pricing on new domain registrations and transfers, but have been running many of them at a deep discount. Most of the domain registries operate in US dollars, while we operate in the Euro zone. So […]

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