Why do so many small businesses not have an online presence?

Why do so many small businesses rely so heavily on social networks instead of their own websites?

We’re not new to this space and have been providing website hosting, email and other services to small businesses for well over a decade. Back in 2011 we partnered with Google, An Post and the county and city enterprise boards to bring thousands of Irish businesses online for free.

Here at Blacknight, we’ve been thinking about things that can help everyone get online quicker, and easier. A few weeks ago, we launched our new store which makes our set up process more user friendly. During the process, we talked a lot about what we can do to make things easier for people getting online. Listening to feedback from customers and research from the IEDR and Verisign, cost is always seen as an obstacle.

So, this is what we’ve come up with:

The concept is really simple. From now until the end of November, when you buy hosting or a website builder plan for 12 months or more we’ll give you a 1 year domain name registration for free.

Since .ie and .com are domains that people and businesses actually want, and use we are giving you the choice of one for FREE.

Free .com domain with annual hosting

Full details here.


*Terms and conditions DO apply. See the promotion page on our site for full details.

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