Changes are afoot - domain pricing tweaksWe’ve always been pretty aggressive about our domain pricing strategy.

Over the last couple of years we’ve barely touched our pricing on new domain registrations and transfers, but have been running many of them at a deep discount.

Most of the domain registries operate in US dollars, while we operate in the Euro zone. So we have to deal with currency exchange rates, which aren’t the most stable at the best of times .. least of all now.

Combine that with some price increases from the domain name registries (Verisign, PIR, Nominet and others) and we’ve been forced to modify our pricing. (Selling domains below cost isn’t the sanest strategy!)

So effective today the discount retail rate for domain registration will be as follows: 1 year domain registration €4.99 2 – 10 year domain registration €3.99 / year

.com domain registration €7.49 / year

.net domain registration €7.49 / year

.org domain registration €7.49 / year

.info domain registration €6.99 / year

.biz domain registration €7.49 / year

Any questions? Comments? Feel free to let us know.

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