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What’s going on?

Customer service and the customer experience are crucial for any online company and here at Blacknight things are no different.

One of the areas that we know needed improvement was in relation to our customer service websites and portals. There were several of them and they probably caused a lot of confusion.

With that in mind we’re switching everything over to a new and much more user-friendly system.

As a result of the switch several of our existing sites will be merged into one

When is this happening?

We are making changes to the Blacknight Helpdesk – on Tuesday the 22nd of January.

If you generally contact us via email then you should notice little change but there will be a new address for both our helpdesk and knowledgebase. will automatically redirect to this.

What new features will our customer service centre have?

One of the nice new features of our new Zendesk Helpdesk is the support for “Single-Sign-On”.

This means you no longer have to worry about having a separate login for our helpdesk if you are an existing customer! Simply use your login details, or go straight in through your control panel.

Is there any downside? Will there be any downtime?

Unfortunately our helpdesk will have to be closed during the change-over so you will not be able to access from 7am until 8.30am on Tuesday morning.

If you send any emails to us during this time we will automatically queue them and our helpdesk staff will deal with them as soon as they can when the helpdesk re-opens.

We can only copy over the last 30 days of your ticket history to the new system, but if you need to reference an old ticket just let us know and our staff can look it up for you.
If you reply to any existing tickets from your email client then that will open a new ticket\request for you on our new helpdesk.  If you need to see the previous responses to this request just let us know and we can send it to you.

We’ll be talking more to you about some of the new features that we’re adding in the coming days and weeks and we look forward to welcoming you in our new customer service centre!

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