helpdesk migration d-day

Our teams are working hard today behind the scenes to make the final preparations for tomorrow’s “big switch”.

They’ve imported or re-created (and updated) hundreds of FAQ articles and wiki entries.

We’ve setup staff members with their logins .. and we’re enabling not only “single sign on” for Blacknight account holders, but we should be able to enable “social signon”, so you’ll be able to login using your Facebook, Twitter, Google or OpenID credentials.

At the same time as this is going on we’re also working on migrating our status site to a new backend .. hopefully this will be completed in the next 24 hours, though it’s not quite as important as the main helpdesk move.

The “switch” will be happening early tomorrow morning (Irish time)

So please check out the last couple of posts we’ve written about this move and bear with us tomorrow morning .. we’ve spent a lot of time planning this, but things might go wrong! ūüôā


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