We Know where our server is do you?

So does talk about pemlinweb, pemlinng or pemwinweb scare you? Don’t worry it scares me too. Well it’s just you’re never too sure if your website is on that server or not right?

Server List

Well we’ve got a new tool for you to try where you can check out the server details for your website

Head on over to check.blacknight.tech

Enter in your websites and you should get a list of which servers your websites are on.

Blacknight Shared Hosting Server Tool

Why not bookmark the search results for when you come back?

bookmark your websites

If any servers are having issues you’ll see the pemlinweb server name on the right in red via our server monitor tool

Click on the domain and you’ll be able to grab some quick info or grab the whois details as well.

If you’re using Blacknight Nameservers for your website you’ll see a handy little green NS.

It’ll be getting tweaked some more but for now let us know if you’ve got any feedback.

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