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Data Centre Porn – Well Almost!

If data centres and secure hosting environments make you yawn then this post might be best avoided. We all know that you want your hosting to “just work”, so you really don’t need to know about the “inner works”. I don’t blame you. Personally I find data centres to be incredibly boring places. They’re not […]

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VOIP Security

The guys in Enum 353 are running a session this Friday on VOIP security which might be of interest to some people: Venue: Morrison Hotel, Ormond Quay, Dublin 1 Date: Friday 28th March 2008 Time: 9.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. (lunch included) There will be no charge to attend the session. Overview: This workshop will […]

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Blacknight Technical Blog Now Live

If you want to know about any service affecting maintenance, technical updates or anything else of a technical nature, we recommend that you check out our new Technical Blog. The site is hosted outside our core network (we don’t even use our own nameservers just to be 100% safe!) and is part of our backup […]

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retro radio

Blacknight On

Journalists call from time to time asking me to talk about various internet related topics. Most of the time the publications or shows are “general interest”, so you can only talk about very general things. Last night, however, was quite different, as I was one of the guests on “Domain Masters” which is broadcast and […]

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moving mouse world

Heads Up! Blacknight Billing Move Coming Soon

If you’re not an existing Blacknight client this post isn’t going to be that interesting or relevant to you, so you might want to move along… The short version of this post: We’ll be emailing you to get you to choose a new username for the new control panel and billing system. The email will […]

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INEX connectivity Upgrade

When: INEX LAN#1 connection being upgraded @ 23:00 on Monday 10th of March. What: We currently have 2 x 100M connections to INEX. Our LAN#1 connection carriers a lot of our INEX traffic and as such we’re upgrading it to 1000M to prevent it being a bottle neck for traffic originated in Ireland. This is […]

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