Well it’s that Easter thing again.
Friday isn’t a “real” holiday, so our offices are open pretty much all day today. Monday is a bank holiday in most EU countries, so we’ll be operating on reduced staff numbers.
But Tuesday we’re back in force.
So what’s with the image?
Well I was looking for something to do with the entire Easter / Spring theme.
I did find plenty of “cute” pictures of chicks, ducklings and babies, but I didn’t like them too much. What I was thinking of was something else. Something that also incorporated our new plans which we intend to launch next week!
So what’s happening next week exactly?
We plan on unveiling a new range of hosting solutions that are going to change your life, cure world hunger and show you how super duper reliable and wonderful we are.
(Of course if you believe any of that you are truly gullible. Please email me directly and I’ll help you buy loads of hosting that you don’t really need. Thanks!)
Today and over the weekend several or our little elves will be beavering away on refining and tweaking everything so that it won’t explode when we put it “live”.
Of course you’d have to be insane not to expect there to be issues and problems. There always are. You can test stuff umpteen times, but someone will always find a new way to break it.
Speaking of stuff breaking ….
While we do offer excellent network uptime (see how we’re curing the world’s ails above) we do have issues from time to time. With that in mind we have been planning on moving our technical notifications to a separate offsite blog.
It’s still a little rough around the edges, but I would encourage people to check out our new technical blog: Blacknight Status
The new site is running our favourite CMS – MovableType 4 and will be used primarily by our technical support and engineering teams to keep you up to date on any service affecting issues on our network.
What you are likely to find on there is:

  • Service notifications
  • Planned maintenance updates
  • Technical Topics

What you are NOT likely to see:

  • Marketing Stuff
  • General Stuff

I’d recommend you subscribe to the blog as soon as possible
So .. Have a good weekend and keep an eye on your inbox. You never know what might be winging its way to you