When: INEX LAN#1 connection being upgraded @ 23:00 on Monday 10th of March.
What: We currently have 2 x 100M connections to INEX. Our LAN#1 connection carriers a lot of our INEX traffic and as such we’re upgrading it to 1000M to prevent it being a bottle neck for traffic originated in Ireland. This is a simple software configuration change for the port speed on one of our routers and requires INEX operations staff to do the same on their end.
There’ll be a brief hit as all our INEX peerings on LAN#1 go down and traffic re-routes over LAN#2 and transit. This should only be temporary and peerings should re-establish automatically after a few minutes.
Summary: @ 23:00 on March 10th we’re upgrading our primary Connection to INEX to 1000M. Traffic reaching us via INEX peerings on LAN#1 should be re-routed via LAN#2 and transit with minimal downtime being incurred, just the time it takes for BGP to reconverge.
Update: 23:25 March 10th 2008
This upgrade went ahead without a hitch. We’re now running at GE @ INEX on Lan#1. We’ll upgrade Lan#2 later in the year as necessary.

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