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Take your Medicine

Careful now! WordPress 3.9 is here

We’re usually pretty quick to offer advice about upgrading your WordPress installs. If you’re running an App Vault install only upgrade from within Blacknight Control Panel -> Application Vault (tab) -> WordPress when an update becomes available. If you’re running a self install of WordPress then you’ll want to do one or two things first. […]

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Please Upgrade your WordPress Installs

WordPress 3.6.1 is here

What has 13 bug fixes and 3 security patches? This Guy -> WordPress 3.6.1 It is just me or does it feel like I was only posting about WordPress 3.6 the other day? Still security fixes are no laughing matter and you need to keep your website and the software it’s running on up to […]

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Cloud Control Panel Upgrade

Our Cloud Control Panel gets an Upgrade

We’re upgrading the hosting control panel for our cloud hosting. Since the user interface will be changing a bit we thought it best to provide an overview of some of the more important changes. Below you can see some screenshots from the new version of the cloud hosting control panel. The new look of the […]

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Get Automated Upgrades Available Notifications

Patch up WordPress ( please )

Waking up today and we’re hearing about more issues with certain plugins so once again here’s the type of blog post you see quite a bit on here. It’s namely the keep your website up to date post. You generally keep the software on your computer up to date don’t you? There are new features, […]

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Wordpress 3.3 is here

WordPress 3.3 is out

These types of posts are quite common for us but they really are worth repeating. Please Note: This post applies to Shared Hosting Customers with self installs ( as well as VPS / Cloud customers with self installs ) of WordPress and NOT to Application Vault WordPress installs WordPress 3.3 was released last night and […]

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Activated Plugin

WordPress 3.2 is here

NOTE: This post applies to Shared Hosting Customers with self installs of WordPress NOT to Application Vault WordPress installs. So a lot of people will be waking up today and seeing that WordPress 3.2 is out.. I can hear you groaning “another upgrade?” Well as always when doing upgrades of software the first thing I’m […]

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Link twitter and facebook

Facebook pages are getting an upgrade

If you’ve ever had a Facebook page one of the things that has no doubt really annoyed you big time is the fact that you never get notifications when someone likes something / comments on something or even just asks you a question on there. Unless you’re constantly monitoring the page, which I know I […]

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