Please Upgrade your WordPress Installs

What has 13 bug fixes and 3 security patches? This Guy -> WordPress 3.6.1

It is just me or does it feel like I was only posting about WordPress 3.6 the other day?

Still security fixes are no laughing matter and you need to keep your website and the software it’s running on up to date and while you’ll usually be able to live without the bug-fixes for a bit the security fixes need to be implemented.

As always please make a backup before upgrading your software.

Want to get notifications as to when upgrades are available for your WordPress install (both the main install, plugins and themes)? Then check out this post from a few months back it’s still valid and very handy: Patch up WordPress.

Please note: If your WordPress install is running from the Application Vault you should only use the upgrade option from within the Blacknight Control Panel when it’s available for you.

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