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Waking up today and we’re hearing about more issues with certain plugins so once again here’s the type of blog post you see quite a bit on here. It’s namely the keep your website up to date post. You generally keep the software on your computer up to date don’t you?

There are new features, bug fixes and security patches being released all the time. WordPress is no exception. So the message here is patch up plain and simple. If you don’t log into your CMS (Content Management System) that often you can forget these things and you may feel it’s a hassle to sort out.

If you plan on doing the updates yourself then there’s a handy plugin to keep you notified it’s called WP Updates Notifier. You can see from the screen shot below it’s pretty easy to configure.

WP Updates Notifier

Just enter in your email address ( and send a test email and make sure the updates aren’t sent to your spam folder just in case ).

The next time there are updates for your WordPress install you’ll hopefully get a mail.

We’ve tested the plugin and it’s working fine on the latest version of WordPress 3.5.1 and hopefully the developers will be maintaining this one as it’s incredibly useful.

Not using certain plugins why not deactivate them and fully remove them from your install?

As with everything we highly recommend you backup before you do anything.

(Original Image: Robot from BigStockPhoto)

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