Excited about Plesk Panel 11

(Maybe you’re not quite as happy the the guy in the photo but Parallels Plesk Panel still brings with it some cool new features)

Parallels Platinum PartnerWe’re happy to announce that we’re now able to offer Parallels Plesk Panel 11 on CentOS 6.3 Cloud machines.

Parallels Plesk Panel 11 brings with it a host of new features most notable the new look and feel which has an updated user interface and brings with it a modern feel to the control panel. Should you wish it’s easy to revert to the older style skin.

For the the more technical minded Plesk Panel 11 brings cloud friendly cloning of images into leading virtual environments.

Improved Web performance with NGINX. NGINX is a supplementary web server based on high-performance architecture. The big advantage to NGINX over the likes of Apache is that it consumes far fewer resources per connection so you end up with improved server performance.

There are also a number of updates to the security to avert vulnerabilities in Parallels Plesk Panel 11. Namely improved password encryption on all levels ( FTP / Database / Mail ) Administrators can now enforce password strength levels for all users.

Plesk11 SMB End User View
You also get the improved Parallels Web Presence Builder with Plesk Panel 11. Which has numerous new features and improvements – too many to go into on this blog post.

Other points of note:
CentOS 5.8 with Plesk 11 is also available.
The default version of PHP is now 5.3.3

(Original photo: Breakthrough! from Bigstock.)

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