Wordpress 3.3 is here

These types of posts are quite common for us but they really are worth repeating.

Please Note: This post applies to Shared Hosting Customers with self installs ( as well as VPS / Cloud customers with self installs ) of WordPress and NOT to Application Vault WordPress installs

WordPress 3.3 was released last night and for many, you’ll just be tempted to click the Upgrade button from within the wordpress control panel but please before you do make sure you’ve made a backup of your database and files before you do. You may want to disable plugins before upgrading and re enable them afterwards also remember to check the compatability of your plugins as some of the less supported ones may not have been upgraded for use with 3.3 just yet.

While we posted pretty much the same information for the 3.2 release it’s still worth having a quick read over once again. ( you can view that WordPress Upgrade Advice )

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