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2015 VAT Rules

We are ready for the 2015 VAT rules are you?

The EU has brought in some new VAT rules which come into effect on the 1st of January 2015. It works very similar to the current VAT rules with one key difference. The current state of affairs is that all consumer accounts get charged Irish VAT which currently stands at 23%. From Jan 1st 2015 […]

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Windows 8 Beta - Blacknight Developer Preview

Windows 8 Beta developer preview

Microsoft have announced the release of Windows 8 beta recently. We thought that  some of our existing customers might like to get a free peek at it, so we put together a special Windows Server 8 plan for a select few customers (for a limited period of time).  If you are interested in Windows 8 […]

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Cloud Store Updates

New options available on Cloud Hosting

We’re rolling out a number of upgrades to our cloud hosting platform today. The first that we’re happy to announce is the availablilty of CloudLinux. CloudLinux is a commercial Linux OS that is designed specifically for hosting and offers much better reliability and stability than other Linux distributions. As a special offer monthly cloud hosting […]

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New e-mail related feature

Today we can announce that Qmail (email) users on every subscription will have their own service user. Wow you say that’s brilliant? Or maybe you might ask “What is a service user?”. Well simply put, you can login to with your e-mail address and password and change your password. This feature has been requested […]

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Ubuntu 8.04 LTS now supported on VPS

Today I can officially announce our support for the latest Ubuntu distro (8.04). This will provide our customers with a platform to develop applications on a platform with the latest and greatest versions of many commonly used apps like php, apache, mysql etc. You can sign up for Ubuntu 8.04 based virtual private servers over […]

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Magento now supported

We’ve been inundated with queries about magento over the last few months. Today we’ve rolled out some php5 upgrades to all linux shared hosting machines so we can now support Magento. Please note that this only applies to our minimus, medius and maximus (linux) plans. Also this upgrade now supports imap and imaps so you […]

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Feature Update IE domains

We announced a while ago that multi year .ie registrations were going to be available soon. Wednesday last week this went live, you can now register an IE domain for upto 10 years. Currently we’re allowing 1-5, and 10 years, we’ll change this in a week or two once things settle down. The second thing […]

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Feature Update

Hopefully this’ll be the first of many feature updates. I’m delighted to inform you all that we’re now supporting .net 3.5 on all our new Windows hosting plans. That is, Minimus, Medius and Maximus (Windows Only plans) which you can view over on our website . We’ve also got Ajax extensions 1.0 installed (we had […]

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