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Making Sure Domains Work Everywhere

Once upon a time domains were simpler. A domain extension (the bit on the right of the dot) was at most 3 letters long. And the only valid character set for a domain name (either side of the dot) was the standard Latin one without any accents of any kind. So if you were writing […]

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Introducing Office 365 Services

Today we’re making another product / service launch announcement. We’re delighted to be able to offer our clients Office 365 services directly. So you’ll now be able to go “a la carte” and mix Office 365 (and other Microsoft cloud services) with our domains and hosting. You can read the full press release here. The […]

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Spam Increase

Global increase in spam

Over the last few months we have seen a steady increase in the amount of spam being sent to our mailservers, on multiple platforms.  In particular we have seen a large surge in the last few days. Although the basic spam-filter service that comes free with our shared hosting plans are blocking a large chunk […]

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Google Adwords Phishing Email

Every single day we see phishing emails targetting our clients. While some are amateurish or so irrelevant that they are unlikely to dupe the recipients, others are very carefully crafted. In the last couple of weeks a number of these phishing emails have been targetting Google Adwords advertisers. The latest one, a sample of which […]

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insane man

Maintaining Sanity

Since we launched the new control panel last year we’ve been working behind the scenes on several things that needed to be done in order to move domains and other things from one system to the other. It’s a work in progress – but we are getting there ! As you may know, we are […]

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New e-mail related feature

Today we can announce that Qmail (email) users on every subscription will have their own service user. Wow you say that’s brilliant? Or maybe you might ask “What is a service user?”. Well simply put, you can login to https://cp.blacknight.com with your e-mail address and password and change your password. This feature has been requested […]

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Phishers Targetting Domain Owners

I mentioned that phishers were targetting eNom quite recently, but it seems that eNom was not alone. We’ve also been informed that some of the other registrars, including Network Solutions, are being targetted. If you get a suspicious email purporting to be from your domain registrar please let us know. Take a few simple precautions. […]

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