Keep them in the know with .INFO!

This gTLD (generic Top Level Domain) is short for information (yes, we’re pointing out the obvious), and is a great way to give all the details to your customers while keeping your main website separate. Okay, we’ve given you the basics. So, why do you need a .INFO domain? Let us break it down.

Top 5 reasons to register .INFO:

  1. It gives people an idea of what your site is about, just from the search engine results.
  2. It’s a handy alternative to .COM, especially if your ideal .COM domain name is taken.
  3. It’s globally recognised in many languages.
  4. There are no restrictions on it, unlike ccTLDs (country-code Top Level Domains).
  5. It’s easy to remember and aids in recall.

The .INFO domain also looks great as part of an email address. You could give each employee their own professional email address to help customers in find out more information. For example, – it’s short, simple, and customers know who exactly to get in touch with if they need to speak to someone for more details. You could also push out detailed newsletters regularly to your customers using this domain before an event, or just to keep them in the know. One aspect about this unique domain is that registering it as soon as you can will help you to stand out from competitors and prevent any copycat businesses trying to look like you, or taking away your customers.

Have a look at and for inspiration, and see how these businesses used their .INFO domain to their advantage.

Can’t think of your own?

The following domains are available today for you to take:


So, try one of the domain names above, or see if is available to register below.

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