We announced a while ago that multi year .ie registrations were going to be available soon. Wednesday last week this went live, you can now register an IE domain for upto 10 years. Currently we’re allowing 1-5, and 10 years, we’ll change this in a week or two once things settle down.
The second thing to announce is that you can now change the name servers of your newly purchased .ie domain names via our customer control panel (Playfully referred to as CCP by our support team) by clicking on “Billing” > “Domain Management” and then click on any .ie domain. One small niggly bug remains, for domains that are transferred into us from another reseller or the registry themselves can’t yet be updated. This should be enabled in a week or so, it’s a minor code fix on our end.
So to summarise, you can now register a .ie domain for upto 10 years and you can update the nameservers for your newly registered .ie domains via our CCP (without needing to ask us!).
More coming soon!

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