Ok so the one question we’ve been asked over and over again was:
“How many IPs can I have with my VPS?”
When we launched initially we said 1 IP address.
Then we gave a second free and now we’re going to give you up to 10 IPs but the downside is there’ll be a small charge for additional IPs.
On our shared hosting you can only get 1 dedicated IP address, so our VPS plans give you more IPs for free for a start and also the ability to add more.
The magical upper limit that we’ve set is 10 IPs.
Each additional IP (after the 2 we give free!) costs 2 Euro per month.
This fee is an administrative fee and doesn’t give you ownership of the IP but rather the ability to make use of it.
It is added to your account for your exclusive use. After you buy them you can click IP addresses in VPS management and click Add new.
The upper limit we’ll look at later once the product matures more and people start giving out to me looking for more IPs. 🙂

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