The guys in Enum 353 are running a session this Friday on VOIP security which might be of interest to some people:
Venue: Morrison Hotel, Ormond Quay, Dublin 1
Date: Friday 28th March 2008
Time: 9.30 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. (lunch included)
There will be no charge to attend the session.
This workshop will discuss several VoIP security considerations from a
service providers perspective, for example, SIP client security, SIP
proxy security and PSTN Gateway security. The workshop starts with a
short SIP introduction which highlights the SIP topics needed for SIP
hacking. Following this will be an in-depth look at specific attacks, a
live demonstration of the tools used in these attacks and a discussion
of attack countermeasures. Hacking methods displayed will include:
password hacking, account hijacking, relay attacks, identity spoofing,
billing bypass …
This full day event will be presented by Klaus Darilion an expert in the
field of SIP communications. He studied electrical engineering at the
Vienna University of Technology, where he later wrote a Doctor thesis
about SIP based voice communication for public safety applications.
Klaus Darilion is now employed with, the Austrian ENUM registry,
where he is working on ENUM based call routing and all kinds of SIP
based communication.
NB: This event is not organised by Blacknight, so please address any queries to Enum353
Update: Sorry about this, but I’ve just been told that this session is not as open as I thought previously! This session is only open to members of the VoIP ENUM working group so for more information please email

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