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New TLDs From Registrar Perspective

Last week I was speaking at the 4th International Conference for ccTLD registries and registrars of CIS, Central and Eastern Europe in Novi Sad, Serbia. Here are the slides, though they might not make a huge amount of sense, as they’re more notes than anything else New TLDs from a Registrar Perspective View more presentations […]

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Big ccTLD Auction From CoCCA

CoCCA members have got together to offer a very cool set of name bundles – 100 in total! Most of the names being bundled are generic terms, so there are groups like:bargain.cx (Christmas Island) bargain.gs bargain.ht bargain.ki bargain.na bargain.nf bargain.tl bargain.as (American Samoa) bargain.pe I’ve no idea how much they’ll sell for, but if I […]

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Dotmobi Transfers Now Available

We’re happy to announce that we’ve finally enabled dotmobi (.mobi) transfers. If you have a .mobi domain registered elsewhere you can transfer it to us for the low cost of € 10 (ex-vat). Similar to .com and many other domain extensions, .mobi uses the EPP system, so you will need to ensure that you have […]

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Registrar’s Lock-In of Searched Names Could Spur Class-Action Litigation

The following article was published earlier today in Washington Internet Daily. It is reproduced here with the publisher’s permission. I posted a related article on my domain blog earlier this week. Registrar Network Solutions could face legal action over its practice of locking in domain names that are searched but not bought, Michigan attorney Enrico […]

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Domain Registrant Rights

As a domain registrant you have certain rights. Unfortunately those rights can be abused by companies that don’t believe in ethical business practices. It would be nice and simple if the whois display were the same across all TLDs (ie. domain extensions), but they’re not. A basic right is for the domain to be registered […]

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