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Short IE Domain Auctions Starting

We’ve provided a few updates over the last couple of weeks about the auction of short IE domains. Short domains are a wonderful resource for brand owners. You can user them in a lot of innovative ways, so it’ll be very interesting to see how people use the short IE domain names assigned via the […]

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aftermarket domain auctions

Camera.co.uk Sells For 35k

I’ve mentioned TRAFFIC Down Under a couple of times over the last few weeks – mainly because I wish I was there! (More on my personal domain blog admittedly!) Yesterday’s main event was the Aftermarket.com auction which you could have followed live online. Why do I mention it? Well unlike a lot of the other […]

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Big ccTLD Auction From CoCCA

CoCCA members have got together to offer a very cool set of name bundles – 100 in total! Most of the names being bundled are generic terms, so there are groups like:bargain.cx (Christmas Island) bargain.gs bargain.ht bargain.ki bargain.na bargain.nf bargain.tl bargain.as (American Samoa) bargain.pe I’ve no idea how much they’ll sell for, but if I […]

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DotAsia Auctions Controversy

Every time a new TLD launches the registry operators have to come up with ways of distributing “premium” names. Premium names are the “super” domains that are usually dictionary words or close to them. These domains are easy to remember and easy to get to. The most heavily demanded ones are usually related to the […]

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