We’ve provided a few updates over the last couple of weeks about the auction of short IE domains. Short domains are a wonderful resource for brand owners. You can user them in a lot of innovative ways, so it’ll be very interesting to see how people use the short IE domain names assigned via the current process.

Tomorrow morning at 9am Irish time the auctions will start.

If your requested short IE domain name is going to auction you should have got an email from us already with some basic details about the auction process. If you haven’t and think you should have let us know!

As we mentioned previously, the IEDR have chosen a 3rd party provider to handle the auctions for them.  In order to participate in the auction you will need to login to the auction platform and place your bids. We have been informed that all auction participants will get their login details before 9am tomorrow morning. If you don’t have your login details by the 9am start you will need to contact the auction provider directly.

If you want to see how the auction platform looks, check out this post.

The auctions are for “contested” short IE domain names. If you are proceeding to auction then your application for the domain name registration was successfully validated, but you chose a domain name that more than one person or organisation was entitled to register.

We have no idea how much the domains in the auction will sell for. If I was a betting man, and apart from the odd “punt” I’m not really, I’d suspect that the bulk of auctions will be settled for a fairly low sum, but there could easily be one or two big sales in there. A lot will depend on who is involved in the bidding and how badly they want to get the domain name!

Best of luck to all the bidders!


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