Do you have a Halloween or costume shop, or are you just trying to get a quick boost of sales? We’ve got some scarily good deals for your website so it can become a spooktacular destination to help you bring in some new customers. Make your website stands out on search engines with these creative domains.



This is a great domain extension for websites of different industries. It’s ideal for websites featuring creepy creatures, horror stories, or even a monster-themed online shop. It’s cute and very much in theme, so grab yours for €2.99.



A fun domain name that is ideal for all of your Halloween events. Create an RSVP website to give your customers or friends all the details of your party. Remember to tell them to come all dressed up! For future parties, you can keep the domain for a year for just €4.99.



Speaking of parties, gather your ghoulish guests to play games through your website. It’s also the perfect domain to attract people that search ‘online games’ to your website and allow visitors to play virtual games. Get a .GAMES domain for €11.99.


Psst, Make Sure You’re Avoiding These Frightful Mistakes When Registering Your Domain:


Not Renewing Your Domain Name

Every domain name has an expiration date after it’s been registered. If you’ve got a domain name with any of the above extensions, check out the expiration date (if you registered a one-year domain, the expiration date is a year from the registration date). Once the domain has expired, it can be registered by anyone, including your competition and scammers. You can’t re-register it once it’s been taken by someone else.


Putting Numbers and Symbols in the Domain

A big no no in a domain name is having numbers (in number form, not written out) and symbols in the domain. The worst of this would be ‘example-1’. Instead, use ‘exampleone’. Hyphens are a big mistake as it’s seen as spam and avoiding it is better for readability purposes.


When Said Out Loud, It’s Very Different

One important thing to remember is that there are no spaces in domains. This means that you could be putting two or more words together. Say the domain name out loud and make sure it doesn’t sound like something else. For example, an IT company registered ‘’ hoping people would see it as ‘IT Scrap’, but that wasn’t the case.


So, whether you want to update your business for the season, or invite your guests to a Halloween party, get your domain registered. It’s the first step to creating a website. If you have an existing website, you can just point the Halloween-themed domain to that website. Either way, find and register your ideal domain name here.


Remember, in the enchanting realm of Halloween domains, our customer support and sales teams are your trusted guides. Don’t be afraid to knock on our virtual door – we’re ready to unlock the secrets you seek. Get in touch if you need help.

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