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Data assortment Ireland letter

Beware Data Assortment Ireland

Another year, another misleading direct mail. I’m tempted to call this a scam, but I’ll call it “misleading” for now and you can make up your mind. “Data Assortment Ireland” have been sending out very professional looking letters to Irish businesses. Here’s what the letter looks like: With a name like “Data Assortment Ireland” you […]

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domain renewal group letter

Heads Up – Domain Scam Alert

We have been contacted by several of our clients who have received letters from Domain Renewal Group. These letters are NOT genuine. DO NOT act on them. Please bin them. Example letter below:You’ll notice that the prices they mention are significantly higher than what we charge

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domain renewal scam letter

Yet Another Domain Renewal Scam

Domain Renewal Group seem to be using the same modus operandi as Domain Registry of America (DROA) – they may even be the same company for all I know! In any case here’s a sample letter (click to enlarge): Notice the pricing on a .org domain – €28 per annum!!!! We charge less than €6 […]

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Alert : Google Adwords Phishing Email

There will always be scams of some kind or other. The only thing that seems to change is how the scam is perpetrated … Google Adwords is currently one of the targets selected by phishers (see wikipedia for a definition) The email may look like it came from Google, but it didn’t (click to enlarge): […]

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Registrar’s Lock-In of Searched Names Could Spur Class-Action Litigation

The following article was published earlier today in Washington Internet Daily. It is reproduced here with the publisher’s permission. I posted a related article on my domain blog earlier this week. Registrar Network Solutions could face legal action over its practice of locking in domain names that are searched but not bought, Michigan attorney Enrico […]

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