business scam
The expression “there’s no such thing as a free lunch” may seem a little overused at times, but scam artists of all shapes and sizes are still “in the wild”.
In some cases being a small bit more cautious or actually reading the fine print could avert disaster (or at least go a long way to avoid headaches).
It doesn’t really matter which “offer” I am referring to.
It could be Domain Registry Of America (DROA) whose modus operandi consists of sending thousands and thousands of nicely laid out and very official looking letters to domain registrants. If you get one – dump it. If you don’t want to dump it immediately, by all means open it and read it. But please read ALL of it.
One of the offers doing the rounds at the moment is from Euro Business Guide.
There are a couple of things about it that raise red flags:
– they’re doing it via email en masse (basically spamming)
– the wording is more than a bit misleading
If you sign up with them WITHOUT reading the fine print you could be liable for a EUR 965 charge.

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