Another year, another misleading direct mail.

I’m tempted to call this a scam, but I’ll call it “misleading” for now and you can make up your mind.

“Data Assortment Ireland” have been sending out very professional looking letters to Irish businesses.

Here’s what the letter looks like:

Data assortment Ireland letter

With a name like “Data Assortment Ireland” you might expect them to be some sort of official Irish body, but they’re not. They’re actually based in Hamburg, Germany, though their letter comes with a Dublin fax number.

The bit you need to watch out for, however, is in their terms and conditions on the back:


If you sign off on the “listing” you’ll be hit with a bill for EUR958! And based on what we’ve seen in the past they will try to pursue you for payment.

And yes, it is the same company that were circulating letters under the moniker “Internet Register Ireland” in the past.

Our advice – if you get one of these letters ignore it – or shred it. Whatever you do, don’t fill out the form and send it back!

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