ICANN announced on Friday evening that we, Blacknight, had been chosen to receive the bulk transfer of all domains on the Hosting 365 Inc ICANN accreditation (IANA ID: 956).

This bulk transfer is a result of Hosting365 Inc  losing their ICANN accreditation on January 4th 2010 due to a compliance action taken by ICANN  (PDF)

We have setup a dedicated page on our site which addresses most of the common questions, but to summarise:

– all domains on the Hosting365 Inc accreditation have been transferred to us
– if your domain was one of those affected you should receive login details from us
– we have already attempted to contact all affected registrants to inform them of the change in registrar
– you can check if we are the registrar of record for any domain using WHOIS (our whois server will only show domains that are on our accreditation)
– nameserver records will not have been affected by the change in registrar
– domain renewal dates remain unchanged

If you have any queries related to this announcement please let us know.

While we realise that this sort of change may be traumatic for some registrants we intend to make the transition as painless as possible and look forward to doing business with the affected registrants.

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