retro radio
Journalists call from time to time asking me to talk about various internet related topics. Most of the time the publications or shows are “general interest”, so you can only talk about very general things.
Last night, however, was quite different, as I was one of the guests on “Domain Masters” which is broadcast and streamed weekly at 7pm EST (11pm in Ireland, midnight CET)
The show’s host last night was my good friend Jothan Frakes who is one of the domain name industry’s gurus.
Although I was very nervous (which probably showed!) we had a nice chat about Blacknight, domains and the internet industry.
If anyone wants to hear the show there should be an mp3 version available on the WebmasterRadio site at some time over the next couple of days.
UPDATE: The Mp3 from last night is now available on the site
UPDATE 2: Of course if I provided proper hyperlinks people might be actually able to use them!
So here you go: Show details including podcast

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