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3536735926_f078bf9d11 Registry Data Quality Update

If you have registered a UK domain with us, or transferred your existing domain to us, then you might receive an email from us asking you to confirm your contact details. First off this is not a scam! We are working with Nominet, the UK domain registry, to improve the quality of data related to […]

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Press Release: Blacknight Announce Over 10,000 Irish Businesses Are Participating in Getting Business Online

We put this release out earlier today about the first year of the Getting Business Online project. It’s been an interesting year! 🙂 So far the story has been picked up in a few media outlets including: DomainIncite: Even when the domains are free, Irish small businesses prefer .com to .ie   Here’s the release: […]

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I Love My Brics


In a rare occurrance yesterday Michele Neylon, Managing Director of Blacknight,  put on a suit. It wasn’t however for a funeral as one might expect when you’re dealing with Michele and suits. It was hopefully for the birth of something great. It was of course if you’ve been following any of our recent blog posts […]

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Want A Few SEO Tips?

As some of you may know we also run a weekly podcast over on This week our guest was Paul Savage, who also provided a guest post on this blog previously. He talked to us about search engine optimisation and about some of the things to avoid. If you’d like to learn a little […]

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be happy - be sad - be angry be mad

Be Happy!

We haven’t done any “silly” promotions for a while, so we’re making up for lost time this week! From now until the end of June July you’ll be able to get a .be domain name for only €3.99 (registration or transfer) What is .be? Well it’s the country code for Belgium – the country that […]

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Celebrate Europe Day

Today is Europe Day, so we thought we’d do a couple of small things to celebrate. First off we’re going to give away a few .eu key rings – watch our Facebook page for details. Secondly to help businesses that want to explore the EU market we’re offering a nice discount on .eu domain name […]

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