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Like .it?

I sometimes worry a bit about our designer. He’s a nice guy, but he’s a little odd at the best of times. Today, for example, I asked him for a simple graphic to promote our latest special offer. Now what on earth the image above has to do with .it domain names is beyond me, […]

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be happy - be sad - be angry be mad

Be Happy!

We haven’t done any “silly” promotions for a while, so we’re making up for lost time this week! From now until the end of June July you’ll be able to get a .be domain name for only €3.99 (registration or transfer) What is .be? Well it’s the country code for Belgium – the country that […]

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save on .co

Save on .Co In April

NB: This offer has been extended for the month of May 2011Throughout the month of April 2011 we are reducing the price on .co domain name registrations. You do not need any special coupon codes or incantations – just place an order via your website and get .co domain names for €13.99 / year. What […]

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Want  A Domain? Why Not Try .Gl?

Want A Domain? Why Not Try .Gl?

One of the things we’re working on all the time is adding more services. So when the opportunity presented itself to offer a “new” domain extension to our clients we jumped at it! We are now offering .gl domain name registration What is .gl? .gl is the country code domain extension for Greenland. Are there […]

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Meet .co

Sick of .com? Meet .co!

We’re delighted to announce that we’re now offering the .co domain extension for registration. But what is it you may be asking yourself? .co is a strange beast, as it’s being hailed as the “next big thing” and I guess your question should be, is it going to be ? Well the .co registry are […]

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Thumbnail image for dotMobi

Good News For Mobi

Earlier this week DotMobi announced that they had been acquired by Afilias. We’ve been working closely with both .mobi and Afilias so we’re absolutely delighted to hear their news. I’d personally like to congratulate Trey Harvin and his team – they’re a great bunch to work with and we’re always delighted to hear of their […]

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