Meet .co

We’re delighted to announce that we’re now offering the .co domain extension for registration. But what is it you may be asking yourself?

.co is a strange beast, as it’s being hailed as the “next big thing” and I guess your question should be, is it going to be ?

Well the .co registry are investing heavily in it and doing a lot of marketing to make it so, but is it working?

Based on what we’ve seen so far it looks like it could well be..

The first 15 minutes saw 90,000 .co domain names being picked up and it has being going strong ever since. After being available for regisration for only 3 days already there are over 280,000 domain names registered!

It’s the country-code TLD for Colombia, but as I said its not being marketed as such its being marketed as an international domain extension to combat the heavily saturated .com marketplace

So should you register a .co?

An article on seems to suggest that google will be allowing the .co extension to target the international domain market as opposed to the country specific and that should mean good things for international business sites.

With the vast majority of .com names being gone (90 million .com domains are currently registered give or take a million have you found a good one recently) or being up for sale for a lot of money have you thought what you could do with .co ?

So who are buying them, already the likes of twitter have picked up some premium domain names for example ( will that be one of the smallest link shorteners on the market? possibly even rivaling our own link shortner 🙂 )

If you like your stats you can see a rather interesting break down of who is currently purchasing them

You’ll see registrations in the US and Europe are currently going strong.

If you’re a company, corporation, community or even a contest does a .co make sense to you?

Blacknight is currently offering .co domains at just €29.99 one of the lowest prices on the market.

As one of the newest domain extentions you have a lot of choice for now so don’t delay have you thought about protecting your brand?

Or registering something cool? Let us know

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