save on .coNB: This offer has been extended for the month of May 2011
Throughout the month of April 2011 we are reducing the price on .co domain name registrations.

You do not need any special coupon codes or incantations – just place an order via your website and get .co domain names for €13.99 / year.

What is .co?

It’s the country code for Colombia, but it’s also a nice and short alternative to a .com

Who is using .co?

Twitter is using as their URL shortener and many companies, both big and small, have either launched under a .co or have switched over to it. Overstock, for example, are now using You can see more examples of .co domain names in action in the .co directory.

Offer restrictions

This offer only applies to new registrations. It does not apply to transfers or renewals

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