I love it when a plan comes together 🙂

Being able to finally announce to the world that we are accredited for .co directly with CoInternet makes me incredibly happy and very satisfied. Why? Because the guys in .co are incredibly picky about who they’ll work with. So it took quite a bit of work to “woo” them 🙂

Here’s the release:

May 31, 2012 – Carlow, Ireland –Leading Irish registrar and hosting company Blacknight has become a .CO-selected registrar.

.CO domains are over a million registrations strong, worldwide. The extension has achieved “it” domain status as companies such as Twitter (t.co), Overstock (o.co) and LeWeb (leweb.co) are rebranding their online identities with .CO.

Blacknight has a reputation for disruptive thinking and a product partnership with the best alternative to .COM fits perfectly within the Blacknight family. Michele Neylon explains: “We are delighted to announce our partnership with the .CO Registy. We love the .CO brand because it’s disruptive and are pleased that they have chosen us to be one of the select registrars to offer their domains.”

The team behind .CO work with a small group of select, accredited registrars to ensure they have a good marketing fit and relationship that will extend the brand of .CO worldwide. Naturally, they have chosen Ireland’s number one domain registrar as their latest partner.

Crystal Peterson of .CO states: “.CO loves Ireland and we are excited to be partnering with Blacknight, its number one domain registrar and hosting company. Our mission is to be the digital home for entrepreneurs, startups, small businesses and anyone looking for a short, memorable and global web address worldwide.”

Neylon continues: “.CO’s marketing ethos fits very closely with ours, and as a registrar we like working with registries that share our vision. .ME is another company that does that, I can think of a few that I won’t mention that do not. We love what .CO is doing and are pleased to support the domain.”

There are still many great .CO domains available. To register your .CO domain, visit http://www.blacknight.com/dotco.html where you can also add dynamic services like the new Blacknight “no fluff” cloud hosting.


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