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Press Release: Blacknight Lead the Market on .IE Domains – Growth Even in Difficult Economic Climate

We put out another press release earlier this morning in relation to .ie domain names. Domain sales and growth are always a good thing, but overthinking the reasons can lead to the media getting some rather odd views of how things work .. Here it is below: Blacknight lead the Market on .IE Domains Annual […]

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2 Years of .co domain names

Happy Birthday .Co!

The guys in .co are celebrating 2 years in operation today. When they launched they had no idea how well they might do, but they’ve been incredibly successful in a short period of time. And to underline that they ran a pretty cool marketing campaign around flying pigs Their infographic highlights some of their achievements, […]

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be happy - be sad - be angry be mad

Be Happy!

We haven’t done any “silly” promotions for a while, so we’re making up for lost time this week! From now until the end of June July you’ll be able to get a .be domain name for only €3.99 (registration or transfer) What is .be? Well it’s the country code for Belgium – the country that […]

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Speaking On New TLDs In Serbia

I’ll be speaking on a panel about new TLDs at the 4th International Conference for ccTLD registries and registrars of CIS, Central and Eastern Europe next week in Serbia. The conference will bring together domain industry experts from all over Europe for two days with a fairly packed agenda. Topics that are on the agenda […]

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Your DotCo

Save Save Save on DotCo Domain Registration

Can’t find a good .com domain name? Have you tried .co? With over 1 million .co domain names registered .co is proving to be a pretty popular domain extension, but there’s still way more choice than what you’d find in .com We’re currently offering a special discount price on .co registration. Get a one year […]

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save on .co

Save on .Co In April

NB: This offer has been extended for the month of May 2011Throughout the month of April 2011 we are reducing the price on .co domain name registrations. You do not need any special coupon codes or incantations – just place an order via your website and get .co domain names for €13.99 / year. What […]

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