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NamesCon Las Vegas January 2014

Talking IDNs, ccTLDs and ICANN in Vegas

Later this week I’ll be heading off to Las Vegas for the first event of 2014 – NamesCon. It’s the first time that NamesCon is being held and I’m really looking forward to it. Why? Because it’s not one of these “over the top” and “uber expensive” conferences that cost and arm and a leg […]

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.co IDN domain names

Asian IDNs Now Available Under .Co

We’ve mentioned IDNs in the past. Basically an IDN domain name allows you to register using non-ASCII characters. At the simplest level that might be the addition of an accent to a vowel, but if your native language is Arabic, Greek, Chinese, Korean etc., then it’s an entirely different character set. Of course IDN domain […]

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ICANN 44 Prague

ICANN Prague Preview

ICANN’s 44th public meeting is being held in Prague next week and we’ll be attending. It’s one of the three public meetings that ICANN hold every year and they’re always pretty interesting events to attend. This time round there will be a number of topics on the agenda. Some of them are new, while some […]

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Play With New TLDs

Over the last few days we’ve shared several graphics that help to visualise the new TLD applications. We split them up into: Uncontested applications ie. where only one entity applied for a particular string Contested applications – where more than one entity applied European new TLD applications But there’s a lot of other information related […]

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New TLD applications with no direct competition

Graphic – Uncontested New TLD Applications

Which new domain applications aren’t contested? We put together a simple graphic to show them off (click to enlarge):   The actual list is as follows: ابوظبي اتصالات ارامكو العليان بازار بيتك شبكة عرب كاثوليك كوم كيوتل موبايلي موزايك موقع همراه дети католик ком москва онлайн орг рус сайт कॉम नेट संगठन 一号店 世界 中信 […]

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IDN Domains Names Are Go!

Over the past few weeks our technical team have been working on integrating IDN domain names. IDN domains are “internationalised” so with an IDN domain name you can put in the accents like the “fada” in Irish, or the Spanish N (Ñ) directly into the domain name.So, for example, I’ve registered Mícheál.eu, while other members […]

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