As of today you can register OR renew UK domain names for up to 10 years!

So if you have your .com, .eu, .me or .co domain name already registered for a full 10 year period you can now do the same with your

I’m a strong believer in “eating our own dogfood”, so I renewed several of my personal domain names this morning for the maximum time possible – and I now feel a lot calmer. (Some of the domains were ones I’d paid a premium for, so I always worried about them not being renewed)

If you’ve built up a successful online business or presence online your domain name is one of the cornerstones. Being able to lock that down for up to 10 years helps me sleep better at night!

If you’ve got more than a couple of domain names it can become quite messy dealing with them, but if you think of them like you would your car, or your gas cooker and give them their annual maintenance checkup things will run a lot more smoothly.

Check that the domains are correctly registered ie. they’re registered to YOU and NOT to some 3rd party. Make sure they’re registered correctly ie. if your company’s name has changed that the domain registration details have been updated to reflect this.

So if you have any UK domain names now’s the time to renew them for up to 10 years and be more at one (or ten) with them 🙂

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