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Phishing Attacks and Domains

The Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) have published their report covering the first half of 2008. The report is quite detailed, but some of the major points may be garnered from the first page introduction: Our major findings are: 1. Phishers continue to target specific Top-Level Domains (TLDs) and specific domain name registrars, and shift their […]

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aftermarket domain auctions Sells For 35k

I’ve mentioned TRAFFIC Down Under a couple of times over the last few weeks – mainly because I wish I was there! (More on my personal domain blog admittedly!) Yesterday’s main event was the auction which you could have followed live online. Why do I mention it? Well unlike a lot of the other […]

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domain renewal scam letter

Yet Another Domain Renewal Scam

Domain Renewal Group seem to be using the same modus operandi as Domain Registry of America (DROA) – they may even be the same company for all I know! In any case here’s a sample letter (click to enlarge): Notice the pricing on a .org domain – €28 per annum!!!! We charge less than €6 […]

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Single Character dotMobi Domains Coming Soon

Short domains are better, but even more so when you’re trying to tap in the address with one hand on your mobile device. Caroline has posted on the DotMobi blog that they’ll be making available single character dotMobi domains very soon (ie., etc.,) in a similar fashion to their city domains applications process […]

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keeping in touch - communicating

Keeping In Touch

Over the last few months we’ve expanded the number of contact points available to people who want to find out what we’re up to, or simply want to ask a question or get help. So, to make my life that bit easier, I thought I’d put up a brief summary of how to contact us […]

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Big ccTLD Auction From CoCCA

CoCCA members have got together to offer a very cool set of name bundles – 100 in total! Most of the names being bundled are generic terms, so there are groups (Christmas Island) (American Samoa) I’ve no idea how much they’ll sell for, but if I […]

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carlow nationalist press coverage

A Bit Of Local Press Coverage

Since our offices are based in Carlow getting some coverage in the local media was bound to happen at some point. This week’s Carlow Nationalist has a short piece on the Net Visionaries (click to enlarge): Of course they spelt my name incorrectly, ,but we’ll forgive them for that

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facebook logo

Blacknight On Facebook

I’ve been playing around with Facebook for the last months and noticed that a lot of companies we deal with on a regular basis have a “presence” on there. Companies and organisations like dotMobi, PIR, DomainsBot and thousands of others are “on” Facebook in some shape or form. We are too, but we haven’t been […]

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Publish Information People Want

Some websites are wonderful. Some aren’t. You don’t need to have a beautiful website for it to be useful. If you are promoting a physical shop use some common sense. Let people know the two key things that they want to know most: Where is your shop? Telling me it’s in London isn’t particularly helpful. […]

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Phishers Targetting Domain Owners

I mentioned that phishers were targetting eNom quite recently, but it seems that eNom was not alone. We’ve also been informed that some of the other registrars, including Network Solutions, are being targetted. If you get a suspicious email purporting to be from your domain registrar please let us know. Take a few simple precautions. […]

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