You can expect to read quite a bit over the next few days about the major differences in tactics and media used by both camps in the 2008 US presidential elections.

One of the posts that caught my rather bleary eyes this morning (not my fault that election watching until 4am is so addictive!) was over on the Nominet management blog. Phil is interested in how the candidates used domains and points to two other articles on the New York Times and Network World

The basic analysis, which wasn’t that scientific, shows a much higher concentration in Obama land (Obama was incredibly active on social network sites like Facebook and Twitter as well, while McCain’s attitudes towards the internet weren’t exactly “progressive”)

A couple of weeks ago Entertainment Earth was reporting a much higher level of interest in its Obama gear than their McCain stuff.

Did embracing the internet and “new media” make the difference? Possibly. McCain’s very gracious speech last night noted that Obama had managed to reach out to the “marginalised” and give them the impetus to actually exercise their constitutional right to vote.

It’s a pity that most politicians can’t inspire that level of interest ….

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