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I’ve been playing around with Facebook for the last months and noticed that a lot of companies we deal with on a regular basis have a “presence” on there. Companies and organisations like dotMobi, PIR, DomainsBot and thousands of others are “on” Facebook in some shape or form.

We are too, but we haven’t been promoting it actively, as I wasn’t really sure what to do with it! (I’m not suggesting I’ve “seen the light” or anything, but I thought we might as well just “dive in” and see what happens)

Once we get enough fans I’ll probably throw out a few promotion codes to our fans (ie. you’ll have to be a fan via facebook to get one)

Over the last few days I’ve uploaded a few photos of our offices and some of the team to our “gallery” and tried to get a few more people involved.

If anyone has any crazy suggestions on how to use Facebook for business please let me know – I’m still trying to work it out!

You’ll find the Blacknight page here – come say “hi”!

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