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.co IDN domain names

Asian IDNs Now Available Under .Co

We’ve mentioned IDNs in the past. Basically an IDN domain name allows you to register using non-ASCII characters. At the simplest level that might be the addition of an accent to a vowel, but if your native language is Arabic, Greek, Chinese, Korean etc., then it’s an entirely different character set. Of course IDN domain […]

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Save big on .xxx domain name registrations in the month of May

NSFW! Save BIG On XXX Domains

We love a special offer and we love being able to bring you BIG ones. The temptation to make silly puns with this one is strong, so I’ll cut to the chase .. Register a .xxx domain name during the month of May and you’ll get a HUGE saving. We’re only charging €8.95 (ex-VAT) per […]

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Every Time You Register A Domain Name with a Hyphen, a Puppy Dies

Think of the Puppies!

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m passionate about the Internet. They’ll probably also tell you that I’m very passionate about domains and marketing. A good domain, in my opinion, can make or break a business. If you’re too “clever” people won’t be able to find you, or send you email. Sure, if you’re a […]

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