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Year of the dragon - year of the cloud

Year Of The Cloud Discount

2012 is the Year of the Dragon. We decided we’d make it the “year of the cloud” by offering you all a special discount on our cloud server hosting plans What’s the offer? 20% off any annual cloud server hosting plan What is Blacknight’s cloud hosting? We offer a comprehensive range of cloud hosting plans […]

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Save Money on Hosting and domains

January Blues Getting You Down? Save Big In Our Mega Hosting and Domain Name Sale!

Today’s the first day back at work in 2012 for most people. We know that a lot of people find January to be a tough month … but every cloud has a silver lining .. January is sale time! Here at Blacknight we like bringing you discounts whenever and whereever we can. This January’s sale, […]

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Dot NET 4.0

.NET 4.0 is now available

We’re happy to announce that from today the .NET 4.0 framework is available via the control panel on all Windows 2008 hosting subscriptions. We had previously manually enabled dot net 4.0 on a number of webspaces and these should now show .Net 4.0 via the control panel.

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Welcome to the Blacknight Cloud

No Fluff Cloud Hosting Is Here

Over the last few months our technical team have been working on a number of new services. The first one to “go live” is our new cloud hosting solution – which is aimed at replacing our existing VPS services. We’ve never been into “buzzwords” and we don’t like “jumping on bandwagons”, so we’ve taken our […]

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email client breakdown - desktops

Some Silly Email Marketing Stats

We sent out a newsletter via email earlier today (well it was yesterday really, but since I haven’t been to bed yet .. ) One of the things about marketing is that you need to measure as much as you can. I’d love to say “measure everything”, but the reality is that you simply can’t. […]

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internet explorer 8

Upgrade to Internet Explorer 8

If you’re using Windows have you upgraded to the latest version of Internet Explorer? Internet Explorer version 8 brings a whole range of new features, while also addressing some of the problems that earlier versions of the software had.You can download it from this page on the Microsoft Ireland site. Is it easier for developers […]

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The Minimus – Hardly Small?

As I mentioned yesterday, we’ve just relaunched our website with a whole new set of hosting plans. Over the coming weeks I’ll be exploring some of the new options available to you and hopefully include a couple of screencasts as well (the stress is on “hopefully”!). Our new entry level plan is called the “minimus“, […]

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