Year of the dragon - year of the cloud

2012 is the Year of the Dragon. We decided we’d make it the “year of the cloud” by offering you all a special discount on our cloud server hosting plans

What’s the offer?

20% off any annual cloud server hosting plan

What is Blacknight’s cloud hosting?

We offer a comprehensive range of cloud hosting plans on both Windows and Linux. You can read more about it here.

What is covered?

The base plan ie. the cloud hosting bit.

What is NOT covered?

Any software licenses or extras

Is this available for monthly plans?

No. It only applies to annual orders

Does this apply to renewals?

It only applies to annual plans. We weren’t offering cloud servers hosting 12 months ago, so it could not apply.

Can current customers get this discount?


How do I get the discount?

Use the coupon code: cloudyear (no spaces – all lowercase) when placing your cloud hosting order online


Usual rules apply – no coupon code => no discount. No exceptions.


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