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Throw Yourself A Life Buoy with SiteBackup

Give Yourself A Lifeline With SiteBackup

Technology is a wonderful thing when it works. But unfortunately, no matter what you do things will go wrong from time to time. People delete files they shouldn’t, website updates go wrong. Basically Murphy’s Law is alive and well in the 21st century and if you don’t have proper backups of your website’s data, settings […]

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Captains Log

The Next Generation of Shared Hosting

Captain’s Log stardate … oh wait! Sometimes you can get a bit carried away with graphics for blog posts. However, this is a pretty big announcement for us and we’re pretty excited for what it means for us and for you, our customers. We’re pleased to announce the arrival of our latest linux shared web […]

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The Minimus – Hardly Small?

As I mentioned yesterday, we’ve just relaunched our website with a whole new set of hosting plans. Over the coming weeks I’ll be exploring some of the new options available to you and hopefully include a couple of screencasts as well (the stress is on “hopefully”!). Our new entry level plan is called the “minimus“, […]

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PHP 5 and MySQL 4.1.21

We’re pleased to announce that php5 is now available on our shared linux plans The nitty gritty details: PHP 5.2.0 MySQL 4.1.21 Any new servers will be installed with php5. Due to compatibility / sanity issues we will NOT be upgrading existing servers to php5 at this time. Combined with our domain name sale there’s […]

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