As I mentioned yesterday, we’ve just relaunched our website with a whole new set of hosting plans.
Over the coming weeks I’ll be exploring some of the new options available to you and hopefully include a couple of screencasts as well (the stress is on “hopefully”!).
Our new entry level plan is called the “minimus“, but there’s nothing that small about it.
While it is “small” compared to our other hosting plans it comes with 20 times more space than its predecessor!
So what do you get?
To start with you get access to our new super-duper control panel. (You’ll have to excuse all the superlatives – we’re ever so slightly excited about this!)
The control panel is the “hub” for the entire system.
If you want to see what orders you have with us, be they domains, hosting accounts, vps or anything else, then you can login there and check their status.
To show you the kind of cool things you can do from within the control panel we asked our friends over in to put together some Flash tutorials for us.
If you have a look at some of the tutorials you’ll probably get a “feel” for how things work.
What about other features?
The minimus, like all our hosting plans, allows you to host multiple websites on the one account.
You can now host up to 30 independent websites on a single hosting account.
If you want database support for a blog, forum, shop or anything else you will be blown away by the range of options available.
Not only are we offering you a choice of MySQL, PostGres and MS SQL 2005, we’re also offering you the choice between MySQL 4 and MySQL 5, so if you need to move a site over from another provider you don’t need to worry so much about database compatibility.
At the scripting level we’re offering a choice of Php5 and Php4, though we would always recommend that you opt for php5.
If you want asp or there’s no problem there, as we offer both Windows and Linux based web servers. You can simply choose which one you need during signup (we’ve got rid of the windows / linux plan pages since they just cause confusion).
What about pre-installed scripts?
We’ve a new application installer that offers a wide range of scripts and software for you to use with your site.
You can see it in action here
What about email?
We know how important email services are to our clients, so we’ve deployed a whole new range of email services and servers.
The “minimus” is not short on email features!
POP3 Mailboxes: Unlimited
Forwarders: Unlimited
Autoresponders: Unlimited
Mailing Lists: 5
Email Filtering
Webmail: @Mail
If you want to access your email on the move then you’ll love our new webmail service, which is powered by the very slick and powerful AtMail.
What about your site builder?
We’ve been offering clients a basic sitebuilder for quite some time and we were amazed at how popular it has proven.
We’re now offering a much more powerful sitebuilder to our clients which comes with a nice range of templates to choose from.
What about ….. ?
There are a lot of new and cool features available for clients, so if you have any queries don’t be shy! Let us know either by posting a comment here or simply emailing our sales team (

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