Welcome to the Blacknight Cloud

Over the last few months our technical team have been working on a number of new services.

The first one to “go live” is our new cloud hosting solution – which is aimed at replacing our existing VPS services.

We’ve never been into “buzzwords” and we don’t like “jumping on bandwagons”, so we’ve taken our time with “cloud” as we wanted to see how the technology would mature before “diving in”. (Do you really want to be a “beta tester” when you’re paying for a service that you’re using for your business?)

So what are we offering exactly?

With our cloud based virtual servers you’ll get a lot of power and an impressive array of options to suit even the most demanding needs.

To “get the ball rolling” we’re offering a range of cloud based plans with fixed resources, ranging from 512 MB of RAM up to 12 GB of RAM. Of course RAM is pretty useless without CPU, so we’re offering from 1 vCPU to 8 vCPUs (we’re talking virtualisation here, so they’re virtual processors). And in terms of hard disk space we’re offering from 15 GB to 85 GB and oodles of bandwidth!

The entire system is running on Dell Blade servers hooked up to Compellent SAN storage.

You’ll be able to choose from a wide range of “templates” in both Linux and Windows. On the Linux side we’re offering Centos, Debian, Fedora, Gentoo, Ubuntu and OpenSuse, while on Windows you can pick Server 2008 R2 (web edition)
We’re also offering a very wide range of JumpBox virtual machines which turn your cloud based virtual machine into an “application appliance”. Jumpbox is a very nice way to get up and running quickly and easily. Choose, for example, a Jumpbox template with WordPress and you get everything you need to run WordPress on its own virtual machine..

We have an easily manageable firewall, we enable it during provisioning,  set some basic ports to be opened to let your manage your VM. You can edit these at any time and add any rules that you may need.

We also offer enhanced support services to those needing help configuring their Virtual Machines. Tasks such as creating apache vhosts, installing or configuring applications can all be handled by our support and engineering teams if you choose to avail of these services.

We’ll be adding more features and options to our cloud hosting in the coming weeks, so keep an eye on our blog, Twitter and Facebook for developments.

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