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Serious About Cloud? Let Your Domain Choice Show It!

These days most online services probably include some mention of “cloud”. You could spend hours talking about what the cloud is or isn’t, but no matter what you do ignoring it would be rather silly. If you’re doing business in the cloud, or want to market your product or service that’s cloud based then there’s […]

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Yesterday’s Network & DNS Outage

Normally we don’t write about service issues on this site. We have a specific site we reserve solely for that. Yesterday, however, we had a major network and DNS outage that impacted a very large number of our customers. Our teams worked as quickly as they could to both respond to queries from our customers as […]

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Rome Here We Come!

RIPE, which is in charge of IP addresses and other technical resources for the internet in Europe, is holding its next meeting in Rome. We have been members of RIPE for a few years, but while we have been active on some of the mailing lists and working groups, we’ve never actually attended a meeting. […]

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Data Centre Porn – Well Almost!

If data centres and secure hosting environments make you yawn then this post might be best avoided. We all know that you want your hosting to “just work”, so you really don’t need to know about the “inner works”. I don’t blame you. Personally I find data centres to be incredibly boring places. They’re not […]

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Blacknight Technical Blog Now Live

If you want to know about any service affecting maintenance, technical updates or anything else of a technical nature, we recommend that you check out our new Technical Blog. The site is hosted outside our core network (we don’t even use our own nameservers just to be 100% safe!) and is part of our backup […]

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Connectivity Issues – BK2

There have been some issues with the connection into our second location this lunchtime. We will post a more detailed explanation as soon as we have one. Update: (13:57) After investigating the issue with our Data Centre and Connectivity partners we’ve narrowed down the issue to being a faulty patch panel and/or patch leads. To […]

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Scheduled Network Maintenance Monday 12th of November

When: Monday 12th of November @ 22:00 What: Migration of CAR’s and Firewalls into a single vlan We’re moving the Customer Access Routers and firewalls into a single vlan so as traffic exchanged between the firewalled and unfirewalled network segments doesn’t need to go into the distribution layer of our network and hence is switched […]

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