ripe61-logo.jpg RIPE, which is in charge of IP addresses and other technical resources for the internet in Europe, is holding its next meeting in Rome.

We have been members of RIPE for a few years, but while we have been active on some of the mailing lists and working groups, we’ve never actually attended a meeting.

So we’re going to rectify that next week. Plus – I’m scheduled to give a talk in the anti-abuse working group, so I have to go!

The week’s schedule is pretty busy, with sessions running from Monday morning all the way through until Friday afternoon.

The topics under discussion are all to do with what makes the internet work. It’s plumbing if you must..

So there’s discussions about DNS, IPv6, network abuse, address policy, ENUM and routing.

While a lot of people seem to be completely infatuated with the “shiny” side of the internet they shouldn’t forget that without the work of organisations like RIPE (and its counterparts) none of their websites or cool services would be able to function.

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