We’ve got another generic TLD for you, but .NET is a tale as old as time.

Set up in 1985, .NET was one of the fist TLDs (Top Level Domains) ever created. It’s now the second most popular TLD (.COM is the first), with around 13.2 million registered domains across the globe – in 200 countries!  As it’s short for ‘network’, it was originally created for technology-related businesses but has been adopted by all kinds of industries. Many large businesses tend to register a .NET domain along with other domains because of its familiarity and how common it is – just in case people try to impersonate the business by registering it, and to stop competitors stepping on your toes.

Top 5 reasons to register .NET:

  1. It’s on sale at the moment.
  2. It can be registered anywhere by anyone.
  3. If you just want to register yourbusiness followed by a TLD, .NET is basic but convenient.
  4. It’s so common that people tend to trust it as much as .COM.
  5. Connecting it to a website that specialises in networking can help brand the business.

Pair this domain with an email package of your choosing. We’ve mentioned how trustworthy the .NET domain is, but one thing to help boost your business’s credibility more is by registering a professional email address. When customers receive emails or newsletters from that address, they know they can trust it more than a Gmail account. How many emails have you received that came from a Gmail or Yahoo email address? Were they from individuals like family and friends, or from businesses? The answer should be individuals. The businesses not using a professional email address lack in building trust, and cannot easily remind people of the website address through the domain name.

Have a look at themeforest.net, roll20.net, and mp3cut.net for inspiration, and see how these businesses used their .NET domain to their advantage.

Can’t think of your own?

The following domains are available today for you to take:

  • shopsnearme.net
  • fashionbuys.net
  • findtecdev.net
  • codingtoolsireland.net

So, try one of the domain names above, or see if yourbusiness.net is available to register below.

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